Nikolai Miaskovsky, 1918.
Symphony No. 5 - 3 - Allegro burlando.

Nikolai Miaskovsky, the king of the Soviet Symphony, is in full glory here in the rather quiet 5th Symphony. A product of the early Soviet era, many of his symphonies depict the great battles of World War I and promote the Soviet and Russian ideal. The 5th symphony as heard here is perhaps the first of the Soviet Symphony (a tradition Shostakovich and others would later take up both willingly and unwillingly). Its themes are honest and apparent. The lovely third movement, heard here, features a pleasant and energetic melody from Russian folk dances. The woodwinds create a driving line, directing the listeners ears forward. A truly entertaining piece by a composer who does not get the attention he once recieved and should receive.

Selected recordings recommended for purchasing:
BBC Philharmonic (conducted by Downes) version available here.

Artwork: Alexander Tschemissow // First of May


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