Antonin Dvořák, 1893.
Symphony No. 9 in E minor - III - Op.95 Scherzo, Molto Vivace .

Antonin Dvořák's most famous symphony was written during his three year tenure in the United States as the director of the National Conservatory of Music in New York City. A truly defining piece. The "New World Symphony" is a testement to Dvořák's ability to encorporate the essence of America and portray it through the clarity and refinement of the European style of composition. His lyricism is unmatched as he embraces the ruggedness, honesty and openness that America imprinted in his mind.

Here in the third movement Dvořák depicts an indian dance and feast. The amazing thing about Dvořák is his ability to craft new and unique melodies, yet when you listen to each of his works you can sit back and say this is the beautiful craftsmanship of Antonin Dvořák. A true musical mastermind! If you have never heard the piece, or don't own a recording of it in your collection, make sure to pick up the masterful rendition by the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Kertesz.

Selected recordings recommended for purchasing:
London Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Kertesz) version available here.
Cleveland Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Szell) version available here.
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Kubelik) version available here.

Photograph: Unknown // Algonquian Canoe on Water


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