John Adams, 1995.
Road Movies - III. 40% Swing.

America's most celebrated contemporary composer, John Adams, runs the gamut from extremely technical minimalist music to the western inspired contemporary classical music. Road Movies would be the perfect example of the latter. Road Movies is a delightful and soothing duet for piano and violin. Adams does not experiment too much with this work, but rather expands much of what he has forged in the predating Shaker Loops and will later incoporate into the epic Dharma at Big Sur. Its distinctive American flavor and energy has been well received by audiences over the last few years and it continues to gain a following. While not the most critically well received of Adams' works its overall feel has made it one of my favorites along side the highly exaulted Harmonielehre, Dharma at Big Sur, El Dorado and Short Ride in a Fast Machine.

Selected recordings recommended for purchasing:
Leila Josefowicz & John Novacek version available here.
James Ehnes & Andrew Russo version available here.

Photograph by: Joseph Holmes // Hills, San Benito County


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