Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1786.
Overture to The Impresario, K. 486.

Mozart's The Impresario is a delightful Singspiel (song-play) that was written as a part of a dual performance comissioned by Emperor Joseph II. Its competition of musical performances was Antonio Saleri's Primalamusica e poi le parole. In order to carry out the commision Mozart stoped work on hes famous opera, The Marriage Of Figaro. Mozart was at his prime in 1786 and both The Impresario and The Marriage of Figaro are representative of that. Many music critics will concede that The Impresario is significantly under-respected and is just as strong as the much more famous The Marriage of Figaro. What has put a damper on this great work? Simply, its relative brevity for an opera makes it often unsuitable for an entire nights performance. Yet it is not short enough to fit in entirety with other works as a part of a nights performance. The compromise seems to be that this work is played in excerpted form, almost always the Overture.

The Overture its self is a dazzling display of grace and beauty. Mozart flawlessly blends his bright themes into a wonderful sonata. It truly is an enjoyable piece and should be considered among the best of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The opening of The Overture to The Impresario reminds me of stepping out into a warm, sunny day much the way Gustave Caillebotte portrays in his Young Man At His Window as seen above.

Selected recordings recommended for purchasing:
Vienna Philharmonic (Conducted by Pritchard - full length) version available here.
Dresden Staatskapelle (Conducted by Vonk - Overture only, along with 10 other Mozart vertures) version available here.

Artwork by: Gustave Caillebotte // Young Man at His Window


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