Ludwig Von Beethoven, 1801.
String Quartet No. 2 in G Major, Op. 18 - I. Allegro .

A young Beethoven stepped out into Vienna shortly after the death of Mozart and was eager to create a name for himself. The String Quartet No. 2 in many ways solidified what Beethoven was all about. Deeply tied to the classical era of Mozart and Hayden but not afraid to inovate and chart new paths as well as breathing new life into old techniques and styles. The opening movement as seen here is representative of these three styles. It opens with the formal, traditional and dignified rendition of the reoccuring theme. Its bright and airy, yet distinclty elegant. Around the halfway mark Beethoven rehashes this theme, bringing new rhytmic thinking and in a way challenging the established sound. Playfully, he resumes to a more traditional take of the opening theme, bringing a modern and fresh account that is more classic than revolutionary. As you listen to this piece, enjoy the transitions between the three "sections" and experience the diversity of Beethoven's talents in just over seven minutes of music.

Selected recordings recommended for purchasing:
Alban Berg Quartet version available here.
Emerson Quartet version available here.
Tokyo Quartet version available here.

Artwork by: Pierre-Auguste Renoir // Ball at the Moulin de la Galette


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