Claude Debussy, 1905.
La Mer - III - Dialogue of the Wind and the Sea.

The great french composer Claude Debussy earned himself the reputation of being an "impressionist" composer. Music critics at the time compared his music to the artistic movement around the same time keeping Paris a buzz with debate about the value of the arts attempting to convey feeling or impression as oppossed to more complete works. La Mer is among Debussy's most popular works and is a testament to his ability to express the idea of the sea in ways that his predecessors never dreamt. His loose and diverse construction suits itself well to the sea's volitility and transience. The third movement of La Mer which is often translated as "Dialogue of the Wind and the Sea" serves to represent the passing of a storm. It is rich and evocative. It is a swirl of feeling that is worthy of much praise.

Selected recordings recommended for purchasing:
Montreal Symphony Orchestra version available here.
Philadelphia Orchestra version available here.
Berliner Phimharmoniker version available here.

Artwork by: J.M.W. Turner // Snow Storm - Steam-Boat off a Harbour's Mouth


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