Antonio Vivaldi, 1725.
Op. 8, Summer, Concerto in G minor, RV 315, III Presto.

Vivaldi's widely acclaimed The Four Seasons is one of the most popular and easily recognizable pieces of classical music. A hallmark of the Baroque era, The Four Seasons, consists of four concertos each depicting one of the seasons. Vivaldi gave us a tremendous resource when he published these concertos. Along with the music he wrote four sonnents for which we can follow the music. In this selected movement, Vivaldi aims to portray the building and eruption of a summer thunderstorm. This is evident in the sonnet where he writes:

Alas! his fears are justified,

for furious thunder irradiates the heavens,

bowing down the trees and flattening the crops.

Selected recordings recommended for purchasing:
London Symphony Orchestra version available here.
Boston Symphony Orchestra version available here.
English Chamber Orchestra version available here.

Artwork by: David Foss // I am the Wind, You are the Fire


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